Our Vision

At Waco Wares, we put your comfort and security above all else. we have designed a special pair of utility scissors heavy duty that will help you turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece. With
a multipurpose design that will not let you down

Waco Wares Kitchen Shears

Use our multipurpose kitchen scissors for cutting most types of meat, including chicken, poultry, fish, beef, and pork, as well as veggies, herbs, and BBQ meat. The utility scissors are very easy to handle and allow you to cut with precision.

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Durable handles with anti-slip coating that prevent any accidents. A blade cover for the kitchen scissors can protect the blades from damage, avoid injury when stored and provide effective safeguards to small child.

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  • Sharp Blade

  • Pivot Screw

  • Comfortable Handle

What makes our product special?

The kitchen cutting shears can also be used for opening bottles or cracking nuts, so you get to enjoy a single compact accessory that does it all. The ergonomic design and anti-slip handles ensure great maneuverability and precision, so you can make sure each cut is flawless.

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  • Multi-Function

    Multi-function scissor, it can be used as kitchen knife, bottle opener, chopper, nut cracker, gardening scissor.

  • Easy To Clean & Maintain

    Easy to use and super practical, these meat scissors are a dream come true for professional chefs and amateur cooks alike.

  • Easy Nuts Cracking

    Our heavy duty kitchen shears come with a serrated section in the easy-grip handle that allows for effortless nuts cracking or breaking off the shellfish.